I am very happy with the variety of activities you provide in your nursery. They involve children completely that make them enjoy what they do. - Anshu
I am more than impressed for my daughter to be at Harmony. She has learnt many skills. Well done to all the teachers that are involved. She has gained more confidence and has become more interactive than she was before. She has learnt many songs which she keeps singing at home. I am impressed. - Lineta
I know that my son is very happy and has built attachments with the staff and other children. It is very nice that the nursery highlights events such as Christmas, Diwali, Halloween and look forward to him being a part of many more. - Preeti
We have always been very happy with the Harmony nursery. My son settled well in his morning sessions. Lovely Staff!! Lovely Management!! He was always dry on collection. This was greatly appreciated. - Linda
We feel staff is very welcoming and warm. Nursery is well set and has a good variety of activities for children to engage. Visits to shops, going on the train, farm and park has been really good. Thank you for everything and specially for creating an enjoyable learning journey for my daughter.. -Komal
Nursery has got well trained staff  members and they take good care of children. All staff members including manager are helping and understanding. We can see a lot of improvement in him being studied in this nursery. The nursery is very well equipped with all the toys and learning stuff. - Parent
So far, my daughter has settled really well and seems very happy. She is very confident and outspoken and has clearly taken a liking to all the staff. I am very happy so far with my child attending harmony nursery. - Mrs. Ahmed

As my two sons attend twice weekly for 3 hours, nothing has come to our attention that would give us any concern.
My son enjoyed when there are specific activities at nursery such as making fruit kebabs, the potato people and making pizza. I am happy that he has been encouraged to use the toilet and he appears to have weaved himself off the nappies while at the nursery.

My other son enjoyed seeing his plants grow at home after her brought it from the nursery. He enjoys interaction with other children and often speaks to who he has played with that day in the nursery. - Mrs Gavin
My son loves going to the nursery and always comes out happy, dancing and jumping. He loves his time at the nursery. All caretakers / key persons really take care of the kids and get them involved in different activities throughout the day. He has started eating independently and loves the breakfast served in the morning and likes the fruits. - Rutu
Harmony nursery is a good nursery and we like it. My child is very happy in the nursery and always talks about the nursery. The manager is a good man. He has attention for children and he looks after them. - Abdi
Harmony Nursery is fantastic - great staff. I would highly recommend it. My son loves going to the nursery and become more confident since joining. - Parent
We find that the staff at Harmony are very friendly towards the children. My daughter's vocabulary has significantly improved since she started at Harmony. We find that the various activities planned and organised by Harmony have a very good impact in developing young minds. Overall, she enjoys her time at Harmony. We also appreciate the fact that she was well taken care of when she was unwell. - Ramya
The nursery has done a tremendous job in potty training my child. The transition was smooth and easy and a very positive experience for my child. The nursery staff, each one of them are hands on and responsible. Very pleased! Thank you! - Sowmya
Thank you for your patience with my son and teaching him English. He is now confident and looking forward to going to school. - Mrs. Hodek
My son has improved his communication since he started Harmony Nursery. The staff are very friendly, nice and patient with kids. I can't find the right words to use to compare staff. They are wonderful. I would recommend this nursery to friends and family. Keep up the good work. - Parent
My daughter is getting better around strangers; which is great. Your efforts seem to be bringing a positive change in her. With regular story-time and interactive activities her observation and co-ordination skills are getting better and better. Must say all the staff is lovely and helpful. -
Mr. Patel
She has learnt to talk and also sing with confidence, thanks to staff. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I liked the 1-2-1 with parents. - Gargi